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Little Valiants
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The Story continues in Arathos
Little Valiants
The journey continues

The Valiant Force we all know and love - now in a bite-sized package!

The red witch Emma may be sealed away, but her minions have been busy cooking up a devious plan to free her and once again rampage across Arathos - if they get their way, that is.

In this spinoff of the the Valiant Force Story, Our Little Valiants will do everything in their power to put the brakes on this nasty plot. Teaming up with heroes from Shining Beyond, they set out once again on a quest to fight this age-old evil, and they need all the help they can get.


Set in the style of popular idle-clicker games, Little Valiants brings you to Arathos in a brand new perspective. Straightforward and easy to learn, but still sufficiently challenging to keep you engaged.

You can customize your hero with a selection of unique weapons, armor and accessories, maximizing their potential as you fight your way through hordes of Emma’s minions. With up to 50 unique heroes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when building your dream team.

Get those fingers ready, Valiants. We’re about to tap our way into a whole new adventure.